Jack Wagon Wheat Ber“Jack Wagon has a fruity lemony nose. The taste starts sharp and toasty on the tongue with a brisk, hoppy finish. This hefe is more complex than I thought it would be. It has an assertive lemon sourdough like profile in the end that I think will appeal to beginners and beer geeks alike.” Mike Riedel, Utah Beer Blog

Jackwagon Wheat was the first beer Shades of Pale released.    It is particularly popular among athletes after a hard work out and a favorite with drikers making an entre into craft.   It was designed to “go down easy”.    We even often hear comments such as, “I don’t like beer, but I love this beer!”


Jackwagon has been a term that’s brought a smile to our face, which is why we chose the name.    Historically speaking,  jackwagon is synonimous with chuck wagon.   The chuck wagon was the last wagon in a wagon train and the wagon which carried the food and the drink.