Trent FargherTrent Fargher

Trent is our CEO/President/Founder and responsible for all brewery operations.  He is “The” man.   Trent also doubles as our  “Brewer” and recipe develoment “team”, accounting,  purchasing, shipping and receiving,  muscle (yes, we are manually unloading 2,000 pounds of grain regularly).   “The” man is also our keg washer, janitor,  head of maintenance, and equipment re-designer.  (You’d think all equipment works out of the box, but that’s not the case.   We’ve had to do quite a bit of trouble shooting and make alot of equipment modifications.)  Oh yes, Trent is also our bottler,  back up bottle labeler, case packer,  bottle shop clerk, brewery tour guide, event server, and PR man.  – Wow! I don’t think I’ve covered all the “hats” he wears, but you get the gist.  Yes, this is what being a small business owner is all about.

Trent’s background is in IT Consulting specializing in CRM (Client Relationship Management).    Prior to starting Shades of Pale, Trent worked for an iternational conglomerate as a Practice Director and was responsible for managing teams accross North America of up to 75 people working on projects ranging from $500,000 to $2M.   He was also a Technology Architect.  In that role Trent looked at operations and figured out how to do it “better”.  It’s no wonder he’s trippled our production out of the same space we began recipe development not so long ago.


Alexandra Ortiz de FargherAlexandra Ortiz de Fargher

In the early days I affectionally called myself the CSM, Chief Scrub Master, but Special Projects Manager is more apropo.   The special projects have been varied and have included,  demolition, painting, and  laying down flooring.  I’ve also been a jack hammerer, cement cutter, and  cement block mover.  (Yes, we did most of the remodeling needed to bring the building up to code).  I have also doubled as assistant brewer, keg washer,  bottle labeler, case packer, and have moved my share of grain.   I’m also HR, having created some of  our  job descriptions, employee evaluations, and employee manuals, and working on employee incentive plans.  I’ve done my share of PR, event staffing, and founded Barley’s Angels Utah.   Most recently I’ve taken on website development, SEO,   social media, merchandising, and everything having to do with art direction, branding,  marketing materials or graphics.  My background is in finance.

Todd Micelitodd on jet ski

Mr. Miceli has accepted our invitation to be a Director.   He is currently Alliance Health Netowrks, Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Mr Miceli brings more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in management, finance and accounting. Prior to Alliance Health, Mr. Miceli founded and owned New England Equipment Rentals d/b/a Volvo Rents Construction Equipment, one of the largest independent Volvo Rents franchises in the Northeast, which he successfully sold to Volvo Construction Equipment. Prior to Volvo Rents, Mr. Miceli served as CFO of Ember Corporation and CFO of Ximian, where he was instrumental in the sale of the company to Novell. Before Ximian, Mr. Miceli was the interim CEO and CFO of Viveca, which was sold to OpenPages, and the Chief Financial Officer of e-STEEL, where he successfully raised over $110 million in four rounds of funding from top tier venture capitalists and investment firms.

Prior to his involvement with technology startups, Mr. Miceli was in investment banking, having worked for GE Capital, Jefferies and Company, Southcoast Capital and Brenner Securities. Mr. Miceli graduated from Bentley College with a degree in Finance and received a Masters of Business Administration from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester.