Brewery Tasting Room

tasking rom buildout 1The Shades of Pale brewery Salt Lake City tasting room is almost ready to open.    As you can see one of the best things about the new brewery bar is the view.  Yes, you’ll be able to witness first hand the art of making beer as our brewers works their magic.

Though the signs are not up yet, we are not officially open, we are  brewing and licensed to sell.  We have an informal bottle shop out of our cold room and love visitors, so stop by and see us.

Entrance to the building is at 154 West Utopia just south of 2100 S.  We are down the street from Home Depot, Costco, Best Buy and TRAX.   Head for the loading dock.

Update: Brewery Remodel SLC facility

Clean Up Continues at Shades of Pale's Commonwealth Bldg

Clean Up Continues at Shades of Pale’s Commonwealth Bldg

“We dream of having a clean house – but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning? We don’t have to dream about doing the work, because doing the work is always within our grasp; the dream, in this sense, is to attain the goal without the work. ” Marcus Buckingham

Living the dream! In all seriousness clean up at 131 Commonwealth (The glass stripper bldg) continues.  In the photo above you can see some of the bags of garbage we’ve thrown out.   We still need to do some light demolition in the future shop, but the main building is almost clear.  We are so excited to have a space to do some barrel aging and host private events.   It will be a great complement to the tap room.  We’ve started looking into ideas of how to create a “flex” space with movable walls.

If you have ideas to share, stop by and see us.    Though our tasting room and the gift shop is not open to the public yet,  we are brewing and can sell beer out of our cold room.  You can also find us on facebook, instagram, and g+.



Brewery Beer Store at Shades of Pale

131 commonwealth addressShades of Pale Brewery Campus in Salt Lake City expands.   As you can see there is a bit of work to be done but the building has quite a bit of potential.   The new brewery building is 3000 square feet and shares a courtyard with the main building.

On the sign, The Stripper and Custom Glass, home of the previous business and the address, 131 Commonwealth.   There are beautiful vistas of the Wasatch front to be had from the front door and the building is just a couple of doors down from the famed Pat’s Barbecue featured in the DDD show.

The Tap Room and kitchen won’t be built this year, so you’ll be able to bring in your own food or grab a bite to go next door, and bring it on down to enjoy at the tasting room with a great Shades of Pale Brew.

Like the neighborhood, the building will undergo a face lift.  The whole are is undergoing re-development and urban revival.  We are just half a block from the new TRAX line and the city of South Salt Lake has plans to put in a new park and city complex just down the street.



Men in Pink

Men in Pink c1717_19_pMen in Pink, what do you think?  I am in the process of creating the fall line of Swag.   I had not considered Pink for men until I heard about the recent hubub.   I had to look it up.  Did you know “Researchers found men who wear pink are more likely to get compliments from female colleagues and are more confident characters in the office.”?   Here are other interesting facts,  “men who wear purple or lilac have more office romances”. “A typical pink shirt wearer earns £1,000 more a year than those who opt for other colours.”

Here is more.  “In the last five years men who are likely to wear purple shirts have had the most pay rises, so it’s no wonder that one in twenty of them drive a car that’s worth £20,000 or more.   Pink shirt wearers on the other hand are more likely to have a low carbon footprint as half of them insist on taking public transport to work.”

So, what do you think?  Should we consider Pink shirts for men?  Come leave us your feed back on facebook  or g+.

Here is a link to the whole article:  “Men Who wear pink shirts earn $1000 pounds more than those who don’t”

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.











Shades of Pale Trail

Shades of Pale Trail coming soon!   Looking for something to do in Park City?  The fun starts here.    Bar Hopping, Dinner and Drinks,  and Progressive dinner adventures are in your future!

We’ve just come up with this idea and are so excited to plan a kaleidoscope of adventures in beer.  We are calling it, The Shades of Pale Trail.   Our first trail release will be in Park City as this is our home town, but also because  3 million visitors a year are lookingn for something to do.  We want all of you to come see us, have the time of your life,  and come back for more.   Our intention is to create Shades of Pale Trails in all kinds of interesting places.

Here is a preview of what is to come.

A Night of DebaucheryButchers Steak no name new logosmall

Bar Hopping with Dinner.   Suggested establishments:

  • No Name Saloon and House of Debauchery (Publican Pale Ale with Appetizers)
  • Butchers Chop House (Dinner)
  • The Boneyard (Desert and after dinner drinks)


The Boneyard is accross the street from Shades of Pale so we could potentially comebine this trail with a stop to see us.   It’s also accross from Park City’s historic cementary, so we can see adding graveyard tour in October!   So many possibilities.

We plan on including a map and transportation options.   The trail of Debauchery could potentially be done on foot.  The No Name Saloon and Butcher’s Chop House are only a few blocks away from each other.  It’s a bit of a longer walk to the Boneyard, but taking the free city bus is an option.     You can also expect us to include some beer and food pairings and much more.

We’d love to have your feed back and suggestions.    Come to our facebook or G+ pages and let us know what may be some progressive dinner ideas, bar hopping combinations,  dinner & drinks and trail name ideas.







Beer Couture?

Who said beer inspired products had to be cheesy, sleazy and cheapo? Out with macro brand chatzkys and in with Craft!

Ideas about designer beer inspired products have been flying around my head for a couple of years. Beer is the priority, so we’ve been funneling all our resources towards stainless steel. You can imagine just how big my eyes got when I ran into zazzle? I’m in complete fascination and wasted no time in opening my very own online “Brewery Boutique”. What is one to do at 3:56 a.m. when one can’t sleep? Design a new product! This mini messenger bag was inspired by my painting “Hop Medley“. I’ve been fixated on painting hops for some time. Part of the reason is because hops are so symbolic of beer. It’s been difficult to find hop images I love and even harder to create th

hop medley messanger Bag

Beer Couture Mini Messenger Bag, a Designer Beer Inspired Collection

em. This particular piece was the result of my playing around with henna design. I incorporated curves and swirls to the cones and leaves.

While most of my free time is currently consumed with learning web design and building out the Shades of Pale website, I’m sure I’ll come back to zazzle to build out a designer beer collection. Could this be a new genera of products? I suppose we could consider it Beer Couture!


More rants on art on my art blog, The Rag Tag Alley

Smiths Grocery Stores Expands Shades of Pale Shelf Space

Smiths Grocery KJ PC New Shelf SpaceSmiths Grocery Store at Kimball Jct expands Shades of Pale footprint on the shelves.  WOW!   Thank you to all of you friends of the brewery who have supported us, enjoy the beer, and buy the beer.   We keep hearing stories some of you go in and purchase every bottle on the shelf.  Shelf space is not easy to get.  Continued stock outs are causing stores to start expanding shelf space.

Park City TV- Shades of Pale Piece 2011

This was the winter Trent decided to grow a “Brewer’s Beard”.   Our neighbor took him skiing at Big Sky, Montana and in -20 degree weather, Trent came back with a bit of frost bite on his chin.  From that day on, he’s decided to grow a beard in winter though it doesn’t get this crazy any more.