Brewery Beer Store at Shades of Pale

131 commonwealth addressShades of Pale Brewery Campus in Salt Lake City expands.   As you can see there is a bit of work to be done but the building has quite a bit of potential.   The new brewery building is 3000 square feet and shares a courtyard with the main building.

On the sign, The Stripper and Custom Glass, home of the previous business and the address, 131 Commonwealth.   There are beautiful vistas of the Wasatch front to be had from the front door and the building is just a couple of doors down from the famed Pat’s Barbecue featured in the DDD show.

The Tap Room and kitchen won’t be built this year, so you’ll be able to bring in your own food or grab a bite to go next door, and bring it on down to enjoy at the tasting room with a great Shades of Pale Brew.

Like the neighborhood, the building will undergo a face lift.  The whole are is undergoing re-development and urban revival.  We are just half a block from the new TRAX line and the city of South Salt Lake has plans to put in a new park and city complex just down the street.